Reset Credentials

The Genesis Credit Card is a brand of Genesis Financial Solutions specializing in financing consumers premium lenders have rejected for various reasons. Genesis is focused on the understanding that despite being disqualified by other lenders due to their rigorous verification procedures, they deserve recognition even among the rest of the potential applicants.Genesis-Credit

Genesis Financial Solutions card enrollment is required to pay your credit card bills, view your bank statement, view your credit card transaction summary, and improve your credit score. To log into your Genesis account, you will need to ask for your username and password. Some Genesis credit card customers sometimes forget their username and password.

How To Reset Your My Genesis Card Login Credentials?

Login information includes your My Genesis credit card login username and password. The steps to reset your My Genesis Credit username and password are as follows:-

  • Visit the official Genesis Credit Card website ( It will take you to the homepage of the Genesis Card website. If you want to go directly to the Genesis Credit login page, please visit the link provided here:
  • On the home page, you will see a Genesis Credit Login form.
  • At the bottom of the login, the area is a link that says, “Forgot your username or password.”
  • Click on it, and a website titled “Reset ID/Password” will open.
  • Enter the credentials listed below and click the “Reset Password” button to reset your password.
    • User Name
    • Last Four Digits Of Your Account
    • Social Security Number
    • Birthdate.
  • The My Genesis Credit Login website will link to your email address upon entering your credentials. Click this link, create your new password and save it as a note on your mobile device or laptop.
  • If you’ve lost your username, enter the following information and click “Reset username” to reset your username:
    • Email address
    • Last four digits of your account
    • Social Security number
    • Birthdate
  • After that, the login page for Genesis credit cards will send you your forgotten username on your email address.