Frequently Asked Questions

My Genesis Credit is a registered trademark of Genesis Financial Solutions (GFS). Financial leaders founded this company because they believed everyone deserved quality credit financing. Genesis is a company dedicated to providing funding to people who large lenders reject.Genesis-Credit

After discussing Genesis Credit and its registration process, logging in, and resetting login credentials, benefits, offers, and payment methods, many people, ask their questions to increase their understanding of the same topic. For this solution, we have prepared a series of questions and answers for people to read and have a deep knowledge of the My Genesis FS credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Use My Genesis Credit Cards?

As My Genesis Financial Solutions creates a new platform for near-prime and non-prime consumers, a credit card is only available to those people (consumers with a credit score below 669). Anyone, regardless of their financial status, can participate in this program. If you are not eligible for a card, the issuer may suggest card options from another bank.

Is Genesis Financial Solutions Credit Card Services A Legitimate Company?

Yes, Genesis FS Card Services is legit. The company has been in the consumer financial services industry for 20 years and is the largest provider of subprime financial services to merchants in the United States. In 2020, Tavant, an industry leader in digital lending solutions, announced a partnership with Genesis to enhance customers’ digital and mobile portal experience with the latest technology.

What Credit Score Do You Need For A Genesis Loan?

You do not need excellent or “excellent” credit to qualify for Genesis credit as part of the second-sight financing market. As a high-risk or low-risk consumer, you may be eligible for a Genesis FS credit card with a credit score below 669 to elevate your credit score to exceptional levels.

Which Bank Uses Genesis Credit?

Genesis Credit uses First Electronic Bank to issue your credit card. First Electronic Bank is FDIC insured and has an A+ rating of BBB.