Benefits And Offers

As the premier private organization working to help consumers with their credit, Genesis has broken all records for perfection and convenience. For the best-unsecured credit cards, Genesis Bank is the best option. Financial Solution FS cards issued by Genesis are the most convenient solution if you want to use a card for your healthcare and retail needs.Genesis-Credit

The Genesis Credit Card is a brand of Genesis Financial Solutions specializing in financing consumers premium lenders have rejected for various reasons. For over a decade, Genesis has specialized in subprime lending and has built a solid reputation for offering excellent terms, competitive interest rates, and exceptional customer service.

Benefits And Offers For Genesis FS Credit Card

Benefits Of Genesis Credit Card

Genesis Credit Cards are accepted throughout the country and can be applied anywhere.

  • Each bureau receives the credit report they created.
  • No deposit is required to purchase this credit card.
  • Prequalification does not affect your previous creditworthiness.
  • There is no fraud liability protection.
  • Support services are available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • There is no transfer fee for the transfer.
  • Introductory APR offers are not available for purchase without an initial period.
  • Helps to respond to app approval status on time.
  • You can use this card anywhere Mastercard is accepted
  • It should also take lousy credit scores into consideration
  • MasterCard automatically monitors your account for signs of identity theft.

Offers Available For Genesis FS Service Credit Card 

  1. Genesis FS Destiny Mastercard: The Genesis FS Mastercard credit card is a solution for people with bad credit who want to build a better profile. There are annual fees for this credit card, and you may also have to pay a monthly fee that includes setup and maintenance fees.
  2. Genesis FS Milestone Gold Mastercard: The Genesis FS Milestone Gold Mastercard is a credit card offered by the Bank of Missouri that provides a credit limit of up to $1,000 to those who qualify.
  3. Genesis FS Indigo Mastercard: This Genesis FS credit card has the best terms of the three, which usually means you need to have a better credit profile to be approved. You can apply for a credit limit of $300 to $1,000 with an Indigo Mastercard, and some consumers may qualify for no monthly fees and a low APR.